Sunday, 12 May 2013

MAC Plumful Lipstick

MAC Lipstick in Plumful
MAC Lipstick in Plumful

Another MAC Lipstick! I do love them ever so much, I think out of all the lipsticks I own my biggest collection is from MAC, even then my collection isn't even comparable to some bloggers collections I've seen!

My newest addition is Plumful which is one of their Lustre lipsticks. I first had my eye on this lipstick as part of the Year of the Snake collection and was absolutely gutted when it sold out - it was only by chance that I noticed it was also part of the main collection at a slightly cheaper price. 

This looks quite dark at first glance but owing to the fact that it has a Lustre finish it comes out a little bit sheer and is nowhere near as dark as it looks in the below photo. On application it looks quite pinky. 

This is quite a moisturising lipstick and I haven't had any issues with it being drying. I'm really glad I bought this shade, I think the fact that it's a relatively 'subtle' wash of colour on my lips (compared to  the Amplified lipsticks at least) makes it a good colour for everyday - especially for Spring/Summer.

MAC Lipstick in Plumful

I really probably should be buying anymore MAC lipsticks for a while, but I'll be honest in saying there are a couple of brighter shades I have my eye on, notably Chatterbox and Impassioned. 

While MAC Lipsticks aren't the cheapest around I absolutely adore them, the vast range of colours that they have always makes it difficult to pick just one. 

What do you think of this shade? Are there any MAC Lipsticks you currently have your eyes on?

Kate x


  1. Are there any Mac lipsticks I currently have my eye on? Now there's a question, Haha. I recently bought Impassioned and Coral Bliss, both gorgeous additions for summer, and now I'm wanting to get Ravishing,Please Me, Chatterbox and Morange, amongst others! I really like the look of the mineralise lipsticks too but not so clued up on their names.
    Plumful looks like an absolute beaut, not all that different from Craving, which is a favourite of mine, although more for the cooler months I'd say.
    Mel x

  2. Such a gorgeous colour, I've never tried a Lustre before! My collections definitely growing too! I have Impassioned and it's a beautiful colour.
    Megan xxx

  3. It's my first MAC lipstick, I love it so much! I already wear it all the time, but I can't wait for autumn and winter, as MirrorOnThe Wall, I think it will be perfect for the cooler months :) I found a nice little alternative for Plumful, not as beautiful, of course, but still pretty -


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