Monday, 21 March 2016

Coming Back to Blogging

I've had numerous thoughts about this post, and have never been entirely sure how to start it.

I'm back in the UK.

There. I said it. I'm back in the UK after two and a half years of travelling around Asia and Australia. There has been very little on here in this time, for various reasons. Most of it coming down to time and very little patience with the small laptop I had with me.

I had an amazing time during my travels, and made some great friends along the way. I would 100% do it again, without hesitation. And, to any people out there who are wondering if they should take the risk and go travelling, I would say: Do It. I don't think you'll ever regret going travelling, but you are more than likely going to regret not going travelling. 

I came back to the UK a couple of days before Christmas to surprise my Mum, who I hadn't seen since I left back in July 2013. Since then, I have been trying to get my head around being back (which in all honesty I haven't fully managed yet), settle back into the swing of things and look for a job. So far the job hunt isn't going so well, but here's hoping something will turn up soon.

I'd like to start writing here again regularly now I've done this post. I think I just need to work out what I want to blog about, as in all honesty I don't think I want this to be purely make up reviews like it once was. So, fingers crossed there will be more to come from me starting from now. I mean, I'm already beating my number of posts for 2015 just by posting this...

Kate x
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