Tuesday, 17 July 2012

MAC Hot Gossip Lipstick

Another MAC lipstick! Can you tell I'm a little obsessed at the moment? This time it is a Cremesheen lipstick in Hot Gossip which is a lovely pink colour, to me it looks like it might have some bluey undertones when I look at the lipstick itself. 

This is the other lipstick that I ordered from the internet together with Capricious (which has been sent back unfortunately and I am still waiting a replacement) and luckily I was more impressed with this lipstick! Especially because the online swatch does represent the colour that it actually is.

I've noticed that there is a different in feel between this Creme Sheen lipstick and my Vegas Volt Amplified, this isn't quite as creamy, or more it doesn't glide on as readily as the Amplified one, it is no way a negative. Think of it more as trying to spread butter when it is room temperature and trying to spread it when it is slightly more rigid onto say bread. It feels really creamy when it is on and has the lovely vanilla scent to it.

This colour I really like, it's a lovely pink, but it's not one of those bright in your face pinks. It has a nice finish and the other thing that I like about it is that it isn't so bright that any slight jolt of the hand shows up like with brighter reds, so you can definitely get away without wearing lipliner (I don't own any) so there is margin for error and it's not one where you have to look in the mirror when applying, you can get away with putting it on like lip balm. In my opinion at least!

All in all I am loving this colour, I'll be honest, I really thought I should send it back when it first arrived, but after looking at swatches of how it would look once applied I was convinced I would like it. 

Do you own Hot Gossip? What is your favourite MAC pink lipstick?

Kate x


  1. I don't have this lipstick but I want it now:) It's such a pretty shade xxxx

  2. I NEED this lipstick, its lovely:)xx


  3. I have vegas volt and and myth in the MAC lipsticks. Not sure if I would go for a lipstick if I wanted pink...I have so many cheapie glosses and balms that all seem to come in pinks so I think I will stick with them for now.

  4. I love hot gossip! I usually layer it over Angel to tone down the frost:)

  5. I can not explain to you how much I love MAC lipsticks, but I now need to buy this one to! xx

  6. oh such a lovely color it is I need to try it now =)
    liking you blog very nice and neat a new follower =)
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  7. I love MAC lipsticks, posts like this make me want to buy more and more!


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