Sunday, 13 May 2012

O.P.I NYC Ballet Petites


Today I'm writing about O.P.I's New York City Ballet Petites. O.P.I have launched a "Soft Shades Collection" consisting of six sheer nail varnishes, four of which appear in the petites range. 

"The soft colour palette and effortlessly chic style of the urban ballerina comes to life in this elegant ensemble of six dreamy nail lacquers" (O.P.I

Of the six nail varnishes in the collection, the petites come with "My Pointe Exactly", "Don't Touch my Tutu!", "Care to Danse?" and "Pirouette My Whistle"

O.P.I NYC Ballet Petites
L-R Don't Touch My Tutu, Care to Danse?, My Pointe Exactly, Pirouette My Whistle

They are all lovely colours and I have tried 3 of the 4 in the box. It takes a couple of coats for the colour to build up, but as they are sheer colours anyway, it is a case of "a hint of pink" or "a hint of grey" which is quite nice as they are also quite feminine. 

Don't Touch My Tutu
This is the colour I am yet to use, but I think I'll be more likely to use it on top of another nail varnish than I am to wear this colour by itself. 

Care to Danse?
I really liked this colour, as it was very soft and delicate, but it was still evident that I was wearing nail varnish. Out of all the colours in the collection, I think this is the colour I associate with ballet the most in my mind, probably because when I was younger the leotards we wore were pink. 

My Pointe Exactly
I am actually sporting this colour at the moment, again it took a couple of coats to build up some colour. Initially I thought this colour would come out darker than it appeared to. As I applied this during the evening, it's possible that the lighting washed it out a little because in the morning it seemed darker to me. I would definitely say this is my favourite colour of the collection.

Pirouette My Whistle
This is a lovely subtle glitter nail varnish, which I have been using on top of the other two colours. I only own a couple of glitter nail varnishes which are bright bright colours, but due to the size of the glitter and the colour (I'd say more of a whiteish silver than anything) it's quite gentle, if that makes sense. 
O.P.I NYC Ballet Petites
O.P.I NYC Ballet Petites
 Here are a couple of photos including me sporting My Pointe Exactly and Pirouette My Whistle.

I will admit that the only problem I've had with these varnishes is that within a couple of days the colour appears to peel off as opposed to chip off so I often keep catching it on my hair, or getting so frustrated I peel it all off of one nail, which isn't good really. It could just be me, as I only use a cheap base coat, so I'll keep going, and may use these on my toes this summer as something subtle as I tend to use bright colours on my toes.

Kate x

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