Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Glossybox April 2012

So, I thought my first post would be about this months Glossybox, up until now I've only ever read other reviews, I've never really been able to afford the monthly cost, despite being very envious of what people would receive each month. Since this is my first Glossybox, I was stupidly excited when it was delivered and quickly awaited other bloggers to post what was in their box to compare. Here is what I received:

Now, none of the blogs I usually read seem to have received this in their box (although I know a friend of mine has). I really like the theory behind this hand cream - it has nurses in mind; given the nature of their job, clean hands are a must so the amount of hand washing and alcohol gel has a very drying effect. 

This hand cream is advertised as 'non greasy' and for once, it actually is non-greasy. Most hand creams I've found advertise this but often leave me with the inability to get a good grip on anything for about 15 minutes afterwards.

I get the impression that I may well be the only person that hasn't heard of Caudalie! I've been using this most days under my moisturiser since it arrived. Typically I get quite dry skin around my chin and nose, but I think I have noticed a difference since using this. Often when I get dry patches my make up looks a bit caked on which is one thing that will always get me down. This is also light enough to go all over without causing me to break out - always a bonus.

I've never really used Lip Liner, and unfortunately given the colour of the one I received, I'm unlikely to start. Not to sound ungrateful but I think I much would have preferred to receive the eyeliner. I may well still try this one out, but I'm quite pale so I think the colour is too dark for me.

This is the biggest product that came in my box, and I will admit I hesitated a little when I saw that is was rose scented. Rose seems to be quite popular at the moment, but I can't say I'm the biggest fan as I like stronger fruity smells and it's perhaps a little too gentle for me. However, as soon as I smelt this it seemed very bold and I'm quite excited to try it as soon as I've finished my current shower gel. 

Most blogs I've read have received this in Peppermint and Tea Tree, but I have received it in Rose, much to my delight (see above), it does have the subtle rose smell that I'm not a fan of, but I will give this a go anyway!

All in all considering this has been my first box, I've been quite pleased with what was inside, and I will admit that despite being a little underwhelmed at the beginning with receiving the Yes! Nurse hand cream, that in fact it is the product I am using the most, so I take back everything I thought initially and I'm really pleased I got it! 

(Sorry about the quality of photos, I've left it a bit late to take them in natural light!) 

Kate x 

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