Monday, 18 June 2012

Berlin Trip June 2012


I hope everybody is well!

So, I am back from my little holiday and very sad about this fact. I had such a wonderful time with my boyfriend and friends that I really didn't want to come back. 

My friends actually surprised me at the airport arrivals gate, I had no idea - one of them had even flown in from France to surprise me for my birthday! 

We saw the majority of the sights and did so much walking that my legs still feel like they are going to drop off - thank god I work in an office and minimal walking is required. Hopefully the walking counteracts all the bad food I ate while I was out there!

Berlin is a city that captured my heart back in 2007, but then my love affair with the city truly started in September 2009 when I moved there. I lived there until July 2010 and studied at one of the Universities, I like to go back when possible to see friends and also because I miss the city, going back to living in a town after living in a Capital is incredibly difficult.

Here are some photos of my trip, I tried to take some of me too but my hay fever flared up and the result was me looking somewhat like Rudolf (very unattractive):

East Side Gallery


Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe

Fernsehturm / TV Tower

Olympia Stadion / Olympic Stadium

Kate x


  1. I love Berlin! Its a wonderful city. I was back there in 2010, but i couldn't get in the Reichstag because there was a terrorist alert :( hopefully i'll go back so i can get inside! x


    1. I remember that, but now because of the terrorist alert you can't turn up on the day to go up, you have to book 3 working days in advance :( I found this out the hard way.

      Kate x


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