Thursday, 27 September 2012

L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black Mascara Review

When I first started my blog back in May, I think one of the first posts I wrote about was my favourite mascara

Until discovering what I now consider to be the holy grail of mascaras, I regularly used the L'oreal Telescopic Carbon Black mascara as well as a couple of others. I remember I really liked it, but couldn't for the life of me remember why I stopped, it might have been the price when I moved to Berlin, though I'm not sure. 

I repurchased it recently, after seeing Anna from Vivianna does Makeup using it, and it was a little bizarre using it again, as it has more of a comb than a brush. I really like the definition this product gives to my eyelashes, and the fact that the formula is fairly simple to remove of a night, but I don't think I'll be buying it again. I think I'll be going back to my good old Clinique.

I travelled up to Manchester on Friday for a wedding (on Saturday) and during the journey we broke down, after a few hours waiting on a layby on the A1 and then being driven the rest of the way to Manchester by a breakdown truck with our car on the flatbed, I finally got a chance to look in the mirror when I was out in the city centre for dinner (at around 7pm). My boyfriend had repeatedly told me he thought I looked nice, but when I finally got into the loos of Pizza Express, and saw I resembled a panda I can't say I was too impressed. Cue me frantically rubbing under my eyes to make me look more human again. The boyfriend also got a little bit of a scolding for telling me I looked nice but neglecting to tell me I was resembling an animal. 

I would say this mascara is okay if you have time to look in a mirror and touch up your makeup, but not when you are busy. Given that it was a wedding the next day, I was very unenthusiastic about wearing this mascara, and fortunately I brought my Clinique along with me (which is on it's last legs). 

I would hazard a guess at running being the reason I stopped using this mascara in the first place. It doesn't flake in the slightest, but I cannot stand to have to look in the mirror only to see I have black under my eyes. Unfortunately, I have to wait for the weekend until I can go and rebuy Clinique, so until then I have had to resign myself to wearing this and resembling a panda by the end of the day.  

Sorry Telescopic mascara, but I won't be buying you again.

Kate x

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  1. Oh no, boys never realize about smudges or stuff like that. It's kinda sweet though. haha, I never tried this mascara, I always stay true to drugstore brands like CoverGirl and Maybelline :) x


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