Monday, 1 July 2013

Travel Update #3

It is now less than a week until Danny and I leave the UK to embark on our travels around Asia, and I must admit I'm excited but the nervousness is really hitting me now as I've already started to say my goodbyes to friends and family.

I left my job on Thursday which was a big deal to me in itself - I'm now unemployed which is a little scary. 

This week I am focussing on packing, clearing out junk in my room and attempt to throw out some clothes (which is proving to be quite difficult) and buying any last minute supplies.

There are a few products I've bought in the run up to our departure which I will aim to review while away even if I can't publish them until I'm in Australia, I don't care! 

This time next week I'll either be fast asleep in Bangkok or awake due to jet lag, who knows! I have had plenty of entry ideas such as what make up I'm packing and what skincare but I don't know whether I'll realistically have time to write anything or take photos - I'll give it a go but sadly it isn't a priority for me this week. 

Kate x

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