Sunday, 13 October 2013

Lush Shampoo Bar in Jumping Juniper

Before coming away travelling, Danny and I looked at ways to reduce the volume of things we were taking, and that included toiletries as neither of us really wanted to take bottles of shampoo with us which are heavy and bulky so we decided on buying a lush shampoo bar each, they are very compact, smaller than many of the bath bombs that they sell and lasting for longer than a bottle of shampoo probably would. 

We both bought jumping juniper (which contains juniperberry oil as well as lemon and lime essential oils) as the lush store we went to didn't stock the one I wanted (can't remember what it was called) the bar itself was £5.50 or $13.95 (AU) and then you can buy a tin to put it in for £2.50 /$4.95. I was a little sceptical to start of with as I am used to my shampoo being in liquid form, but I needn't have been as these have been one of our best travel purchases. They leave our hair clean, and what's more I actually find it easier to rinse out than regular shampoo, I have quite thick hair and some of the places we've stayed in have had very very low shower pressure but with this product I wasn't left trying to rinse my hair for what felt like an hour afterwards. 

The first bar lasted us near enough a month and in this time served as a shower gel when we ran out as well as clothes wash when I needed to hand wash some clothes. It has been so versatile for us and one of the best pre-travelling purchases we made. We're now in Australia and we still have the last bar left - it's still going strong however we have now switched back to liquid shampoo now we're here and are keeping it for our travelling stint around Oz. The only downside is that as this is a solid really it needs to be left open to dry, otherwise we have found the consistency goes a little funny and seems to go down a little quicker.

Next time you're going away for a while or even just using hand luggage, why not give one of these a go? You can also buy a solid conditioner or a 2 in 1 bar!

Kate x

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