Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Five Product Face

I was recently having a read over on Megan Jane Lillie's blog - Thumbelina Lillie when I came across a post called The Simple Five Product Face where she has used only five make up products for her look that day. From watching YouTube videos and reading other blogs, you probably won't see the number of products being used totalling a maximum of five. Knowing that for some it could be a struggle to use just five products, I was wondering how difficult would I find it? The answer surprisingly is not very difficult!

I know I keep harping on about travelling light, not much make up blah blah blah, but it is true that my make up choices are quite limited now. So my products of choice have been - concealer, powder, mascara, brow powder and blusher. The result is above. I've not got a perfect complexion, but a lot of the time I do skip a base and just go straight in with concealer and powder, especially during the Australian Spring and Summer. For this I have used the Australis Go Camo Concealer in Medium, this is a full coverage concealer which is very thick and I would recommend a small brush or a finger to blend. My powder of choice a the moment is the L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Powder in Medium which is a really nice silky powder. For my cheeks, I've chosen the Benefit Dandelion Powder which doesn't really need anything said about it, it's just a nice light pink, nothing too in your face.

For eyes my two products of choice are my favourite mascara Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara in Black which although isn't advertised as waterproof, pretty much is. I can cry, get watery eyes during hayfever season without it budging, flaking or running. For brows I've been using the Essence Stylist Set which is pretty cheap but does the trick, though I do miss my Urban Decay Brow Box. I think the light brown shade in this set is a little too warm for my complexion but I'll stick with it for now. I would like to take a moment to say that my brows don't look so rubbish in person, there is a bit more shape to them.

I'm pretty certain I can manage a Five Product Face day to day, but on some days you do just want base, eyeshadow or a bold lip. 

Kate x

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