Friday, 6 July 2012

MAC Capricious Lipstick

This post isn't a review unfortunately, it is more of a little warning than anything. My June Wishlist mentioned the MAC Capricious lipstick as something I wanted to buy in the near future and buy it I did when MAC had free delivery on their website. 

Unfortunately, once it arrived I was thoroughly disappointed. Now, I completely understand that the colour we see on our screen can vary to what arrives, but for the most part, there is a slight difference on screen but once the lipstick arrives you can see that there is some resemblance.

Taken from MAC website. Swatch of Capricious.

This colour is described as a "Fanciful Rose Plum", and when it arrived it was more plum than anything. It wasn't anything like this picture whatsoever. 

Now, upon reflection I should have looked for other blog reviews before ordering it, but like I say, I didn't expect there to be such a stark contrast between the screen and what the shade was in person. I can only suggest that perhaps that this is just the wrong photo full stop or that the formula has been changed, as I have read two reviews, one with a colour more fitting to the MAC swatch, and one that compares to the colour that I actually received.

Photo from Amarixe

This is a photo from Amarixe's review of the lipstick (I didn't take any photos as I sent it back) which you can read here. You can see the stark difference. 

This may sound like a whiny post, but I just thought I'd post to make people aware of the difference! I have now sent the lipstick back and requested a replacement of either Fanfare or Crosswires (I originally specified Crosswires, but the day before I sent it off it came up as 'Out of Stock' on the website) I ordered another lipstick with this one, Hot Gossip so a review of that is still to come!

Kate x


  1. That is a shame and you have reason to complain! I too have fallen a victim to untrue to life colour swatches online :( xx

  2. It sucks when what you've ordered isn't what you were expecting. I always used to go by swatches online but they're never really a true representation of the product! xx


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