Friday, 27 July 2012

MAC Crosswires Lipstick Review

As mentioned in some previous posts about MAC Lipstick, I ordered a couple from the MAC website, and unfortunately one wasn't to my taste, so I sent it back and exchanged it. It took a little while for my exchange to arrive, to the point I was close to ringing them to ask whether they'd received it. I think the main reason for the delay is that I wrote "Crosswires" on my chosen replacement, but between me choosing that and sending it back, it went out of stock. So I then put an alternative as well.

I did indeed receive Crosswires and I'm very happy with it, I will admit it has some similarities with Vegas Volt, but it is a Cremesheen lipstick whereas VV is Amplified, so it feels a bit more toned down. Infact here is a picture with them side by side for comparison:

L: Vegas Volt R: Crosswires

Although they are very similar, you can see VV is more vibrant in colour and more coraly, whereas I think Crosswires leans slightly more to the red colour.

I really cannot fault this lipstick, like all MAC lipsticks I own they all look amazing on and smell amazing. This is really creamy and feels incredibly moisturising. With the heat at the moment, I've not been wearing so much lipstick, more lip balms and lipglosses.

The next lipstick on my purchase list is Fanfare, but that may be a little while away as I should really work through the lipsticks I have at the moment. I will admit I do have quite a few!

I think MAC has put the price of their lipstick up, as they were £13.50 but now they appear to be £14. Boo! Somehow that extra 50p sounds like a lot in my head!

Has anybody else got this colour? What are your thoughts?

Kate x


  1. Beautiful color! Can def see the comparison to Vegas Volt, but more pinkier! And I haven't heard this color til now... hmm...

    1. I hadn't really heard of it until I spotted it on the MAC website, but I'm definitely glad I got this, it is lovely :)

      Kate x

  2. This color is gorgeous! I have Vegas Volt and adore it- now doubt will love this!


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