Sunday, 6 January 2013

Favourite products from 2012

We're well into the swing of 2013 now, and while I'm sure this will be a fantastic year, I thought now was a good time to share my favourite products of 2012. The majority of which I have mentioned or reviewed in here, but like with all products some definitely outshined others.

01. Essie Nail Polishes - I'm very new to Essie Nail Polishes but since I managed to hunt them down in mid November they are the only nail polish I've been wearing and I now own 6, all of which are beautiful and last on my nails for a long time, making them the best nail polishes I think I've ever bought.

02. Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask - I've been moaning about having dry patches of skin for a few months on here now, and I'm sure a couple of you may have been thinking 'well do something about it already!' and that I did, this was one of my purchases to combat my dry skin and I love it. This has become one of my favourite masks because not only does it leave me with hydrated skin in the morning, I can also just wash it off in the shower without having to worry that I've missed a spot like I do with my clay masks.

03. MAC Lipsticks - Before this year, I did own two MAC lipsticks, but this year has been when I've really been into them. They have beautiful colours, the lipsticks themselves feel lovely on and they also smell divine. My favourite of the three I purchased this year has to be Vegas Volt, and a review should you be interested can be found here.

04. Yes! Nurse Protect Your Lovely Hands - Over recent years I have begun to notice how dry my hands have been getting and I have bounced between handcream brands to try and find one that helped my hands the best without being too greasy. This is the one. I love it.

05. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - I received this palette for my birthday in June this year, and I don't think I've put it down since. I already owned the original Naked palette which I still love, but I've found for everyday colours I steer more towards the Naked 2. This year saw the launch of Naked Basics Palette which initially I scoffed at, but now I'm getting more and more tempted.

06. Hydraluron - This goes together with my love for the Origins overnight mask. Both containing Hyluronic acid which helps plump the skin and hydrate. I tend to use this at night, but when my skin is really dry of a morning I will slap it on too. A review is to come, but I wanted to give it a good road test before declaring my love for it like everyone else.

07. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Foundation - Up until this year, I rarely wore foundation, but after realising how rubbish my skin can look without foundation I decided to break it out again. In June I got a free sample of the hotly anticipated YSL foundation and fell in love. I now own a full size, which although may be a little dark for me in these winter months offers brilliant coverage without feeling heavy.

08. Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets - The last time I'd used shine absorbing sheets was back when I was at school, and then I used the type that have powder infused onto them which if not careful could come off looking quite patchy on skin. I wanted to get back into using these sheets as they are so much easier to carry than powder and powder brush. Thankfully I found out about these beauties and yesterday I bought my third pack.

What are your favourite products from the past year?

Kate x


  1. Love these products!! Essie nail varnish is gorgeous, I want all of them and I definitely need some more MAC lipsticks in my life! XxxX

    1. My problem with both is always trying decide what colour to go for next! xx

  2. I agree with so many of these, love Essie polishes and the origins mask - naked palette is also a firm favourite of mine!

    1. Glad you agree! I'm already eyeing up a few more Essie polishes :) x

  3. mac lipsticks are such an essential!


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