Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Pandora Jewellery

When I first heard of Pandora, I will admit I wasn't a fan. I genuinely couldn't see what the attraction was, until a conversation cropped up with a friend who had a bracelet from Pandora with multiple charms. She had a story for each charm, who bought it for her and on what occasion. That's when it twigged for me why they are so popular.

Last Christmas I asked for a Pandora bracelet and have been adding to it ever since. Each charm has a memory, and I am incredibly fond of it. I rarely used to wear bracelets, this is one of the only bracelets that I wear regularly and I try to take good care of this.

Two of the charms stand out the most to me, namely the heart and the Brandenburg Gate charms. Both are presents from my boyfriend, the heart was for my birthday in June which was when we went on holiday together to Berlin for the first time. The Brandenburg Gate was for Christmas and was hard to get hold of - my friend living in Berlin bought it and sent it over after I sent her the money (on behalf of the boy). 

The beauty of the Pandora bracelet is that they are so individual - I highly doubt that anybody else has the same 'configuration' as me. They also do necklaces and a variety of other jewellery. 

What do you guys think? Do you have a Pandora bracelet or something along those lines (Troll Beads etc)? What memories do you have behind your charms?

Kate x

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