Sunday, 24 February 2013

20 Facts About Me

I've really enjoyed reading everybody's posts from this tag. If I could think of more facts I would have gone for 50, but to be honest I lack enough imagination and as soon as I sit down to think of some, my mind goes blank!
  1. I'm left handed.
  2. My favourite animals are giraffes and owls.
  3. I strongly dislike rose scented things.
  4. I'm a very fussy eater, and it's still a big deal for me to try new food.
  5. I love black and white photography, especially of architecture.
  6. Danny is the boyfriend that I've had.
  7. When I was younger I had a horse riding accident that caused me to almost break my neck and since then I have developed a fear of horses.
  8. I am a messy person, no matter how hard I try to keep on top of mess it always catches up to me.
  9. My favourite colour is green.
  10. I'm an only child.
  11. I listen to Harry Potter audio books when I go to sleep.
  12. I don't drink tea or coffee, I only drink squash. I don't even like drinking water by itself.
  13. 13 is my lucky number.
  14. I still don't know what direction I want to go in career wise.
  15. I have to have the flu jab every year because my immune system is so rubbish.
  16. People are normally surprised that I've not seen Dirty Dancing.
  17. I was bullied quite a bit at school for having oily skin and spots.
  18. When I was 11 I won a makeover by Andrew and Liz Collinge.
  19. I'm always cold.
  20. My family call me Catherine, but everyone else calls me Kate. 

Kate x


  1. I love reading these posts! Always gives a good insight to the blogger, and you're able to get to know them a little bit better. I'm planning to do random fact posts on my blog soon. 50 facts does seem quite daunting, hopefully I'll be able to do it.


    1. Yeah I totally agree, when you read these sometimes they feel more relatable so to speak!



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