Saturday, 2 February 2013

Hair Product Hoarding

One of my worst habits, is buying new hair care products before I have finished my last lot. This has resulted in a fairly large accumulation of products - more styling and finish products than say shampoo and conditioner. My aim is to reduce this collection to almost 0 before I go out and buy another product. (Shampoo is excluded as I will need to buy replacements as is heat protection spray as that is something that I don't hoard).

When I get hooked on a product, all others get forgotten about and I keep buying my new favourite product. However, my hair products are all stored in a wicker basket together with my Mum's products and it's gotten to a point where they are overflowing. Some will be thrown out straight away because they are just that old, and the rest I will aim to finish off before buying anything new.

Does anybody else have this habit with hair products?

Kate x


  1. I'm the complete opposite I can not have too many of any product I have to throw then away I'm so wasteful x

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    1. I'm getting better at it! I've not bought any new hair products recently and I'm coming to the end of a fair few! x

  2. high five, the same here but I'm working on myself with my empties' bag in the bathroom which helps me a lot. Cheers!

    1. I would love to review some of them but they've been kicking around for so long that I couldn't really comment on whether they did anything for me or not.



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