Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Molton Brown Protecting Vitamin Lipsaver

Molton Brown Protecting Vitamin LipsaverMolton Brown Protecting Vitamin Lipsaver
Molton Brown Protecting Vitamin Lipsaver

I received the Molton Brown Protecting Lipsaver as a Secret Santa present back in December as part of my works Christmas meal, and I was really chuffed to receive it! I have been using this quite regularly since receiving it, as well as my usual lipbalms.

On application (I use my finger, the tube curves in slightly and doesn't have rounded edges so doesn't make for a good application straight to the lips) a little goes a long way and I find that this lasts quite a long time. This is a good lip balm I've found to wear under lipstick as it doesn't just transfer onto the lipstick rather than the lipstick applying to your lips.

There is no tingling sensation, it's most comparable to vaseline and is quite thick which is something I quite like. I often apply this before bed and wake up with it still on, so it really does last a long time.

The only downside I've found to this is that rather than being a "cure" - that is to say something that will help my lips improve over the long term so I won't need to use lip products half as much, it feels very much a bandaid that provides instant relief to sore lips.

Kate x

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