Sunday, 10 February 2013

A beauty blogger that doesn't want to spend her money?

Despite reading beauty blogs on a regular basis and having a wish list longer than my arm of makeup and various skincare products I'm finding myself putting off buying any of these products in favour at looking at other kinds of products.

And do you know what they are? Travelling "essentials". I've gone from looking at MAC lipsticks online trying to work out which shade to buy to looking up rucksacks and trying to shop around for the best price.

01. Microfibre travelling towel.
02. Large Berghaus rucksack.
03. Karrimor walking boots.
04. Samsung W150 camera (I don't want to take my SLR with me)
05. Visa costs for the countries we'd like to visit.

I mentioned in my New Years Resolutions post that I would be trying to save more money this year ready to go travelling with Danny, my boyfriend. I kept it quite vague as we haven't really had any set plans until the last couple of weeks. Even now, we don't have anything booked yet, but we have ideas of where we'd like to go, and how much certain things will cost. 

Travelling can be quite a vague term, anything from 4 weeks Interrailing round Europe to 12 months on another continent. Our plan is to go to South East Asia, then onto Australia with the working holiday visa, then onto New Zealand and then either back to the UK or maybe Fiji on the way. We haven't said "we'll be back in 12 months" we're going to take it as it comes, and if we stay the full 12 months (or more) then that's great, if we come back before then then that's great too. 

I'm currently researching what there is to see and do in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and possibly Laos and Cambodia too as well as visa requirements. I am getting ridiculously excited and despite still buying a few beauty bits here and there, I am trying to be very controlled with my spending in favour of things I will need to buy over the next few months in preparation of leaving and generally for money while I'm out there! 

If anybody has already been travelling around Asia and Oceana and has any handy tips or bits of advice on places to avoid/places definitely worth seeing I'd really appreciate it!

Kate x


  1. are the microfibre towels any good do you know? I'm doing my silver duke of edinburgh in May and i need to find a lightweight towel to carry around with me that isn't going to weigh me down! I love your blog by the way! xxx

    1. Thanks :)

      I think I originally bought mine for camping at a festival, but they are so useful - light weight and so compact! I'd definitely recommend getting one for your DoE!



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